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    Chig Memoirs: Chig Cast Members

    A special thanks to JohnBro who let me include the information from his site Chig Memoirs.

    Sam Striger (Chig #1)
    Sam was the youngest member of the Chigs. On the set, he was relatively quiet... but loved to talk about his days working on 'BeverlyHills 90210'

    John Austin (Chig #2)
    John was the senior member of the chig crew. The man could talk the leg off of a dead horse. He loves guns, women and Hollywood. Last known location was on the set of 'StarTrek: Voyager' - where he was once again portraying a space alien. ( Hirogen Hunters - 'The Killing Game')

    "John Bro" Wilkie (Chig #3)

    Jason Rock (Chig #4)
    Jason is an intense personality, yet quiet and reserved. In real life, he is a master of the Kempo system of martial arts.

    Bryan Rogers (Chig #5)
    Bryan is from Jacksonville Florida...where he is a bartender and D.J. at a local HIP HOP club. He is a very talented stage actor and his greatest love is working in theatre.

    Various Stunt Men (Chig #6)
    Like the unknown ensign on the bridge of the Enterprise... whenever you see this rubber-headed freak...you can bet that his days are numbered.

    Kristian Sorensen (Chig #7)
    In real life, Kristian is actually a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Reserves. He is also the founder of "ALPHA COMPANY" - and has been a military technical advisor on numerous Hollywood blockbuster films.

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