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    I am trying to collect information and pictures of different locations and behind the scenes of filming. If you have anything that could be added here, please contact me.

    Mars or Down Under?

    Filming in Australia - Click for larger picture    As seen on TV

    Not quite Mars. The filiming of the pilot episode was done in Australia. The above shots show a behind the scenes and what actually appeared on the show. The Mars landscape was filmed at Stockton, near Newcastle, a couple of hours out of Sydney.

    Click for larger image Click for larger image

    RAAF Base Williamtown

    Hammerhead in New South Wales

    Hammerhead in New South Wales Hammerhead's topside Hammerhead

    The scenes with the full size Hammerhead fighters and flight lines were filmed at Royal Australian Air Force Base Williamtown, New South Wales. So the F-18 fighters that you may see in the background of some of the shots are not American, but Australian.

    RAAF Williamtown Click for larger image

    I'm still working on this section. If you have anything to offer, please contact me.

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