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    Well in my endless searching for Space:AaB information online, I came across a group called The Modelsmiths. It turns out that they are the company that designed much of the personal props used by the marines in S:AaB.

    I had a chance to talk to the David Tremont from The Modelsmiths via E-Mail. He also sent me some behind the scenes pictures.

    Click for larger image

    Did you build the Hammerhead (full size plane) for the show? If yes, what ever happened to it? Did you get it back after production or did you just make it for FOX never to see it again?

         No we didn't build the Hammerhead. It was built buy a bunch of chippies in the building next door so we did get to see its construction from start to stop. As far as I know it went to the States to do the series and after that is any ones guess. If not trashed it will be in storage at Fox somewhere. The full size prop did vary in some details to the final C.G. images used throughout the rest of the show. We do have a few drawings somewhere that we kept for our own collection, perhaps, one day we will build our own model.
    Click for larger image

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    I am curious about the helmet and rifle props. How much does it cost you guys to make one of those? And how long do they take to make?

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        It is not possible to put an exact cost on a prop - the show was several years ago now. From memory, if you include the design stage through patterns, moulds and final pieces each helmet would have cost several thousand dollars each. Then on top of all of that they all had fans and special lighting in them. The lights cost about $1500. These sort of props are very costly and involve a lot of people. In all we made 30 helmets and we had to individually fit them to every actor and look after them on set so that was fun getting to meet all the actors.

        The rifles we much the same but would not have cost as much as the helmets. We only made 12, and half of them were practical with rifles screwed to the inside of them. I have no idea what the rifle was. On set they were very load and all people had to wear ear plugs.

    David Tremont
    The Modelsmiths
    Click for larger image


    Chief Modelmaker:
    David Tremont

    Michael Daczynski
    Eric Backman
    Grant Radziwill
    Marcus Johnson
    Greg Martin

    Assistant Modelmakers:
    Don Meiklejohn
    Glenn Ludgate

    Casting done by:
    Wayne Nelson

    * Note: They did have a couple of work experience people too, but unfortunately names were not recorded.

    Feel free to visit the The Modelsmiths Website
    for credits and pictures of other projects they have worked on.

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