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    Lanei Chapman


    Lanei played Ensign Rager on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Her additional television credits include roles on "The Wonder Years," "Seinfeld," "MEDICINE BALL," "True Colors" and "China Beach"; the mini-series "The Jacksons: An American Dream"; and the movie "The Mary Thomas Story."

    Her feature film credits include "White Men Can't Jump" and "Pretty Hattie's Baby," as Aunt Daisy.

    She majored in Spanish at Dartmouth College, where she also wrote her first play, "Home Run," which she has since produced and directed with Kim Fields Freeman as her star. She is currently in the graduate film production program at USC. Her first film, "Appearances" (which also stars Kim Fields Freeman) is on tour with the S.E. Manley Short Film Festival.

    Lanei was born January 29 in Los Angeles, where she lives. She is single (1995).

    On SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND, Lanei portrays Vanesse Damphousse.

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