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    Rodney Rowland


    Just before starting on S:AaB, Rodney completed filming the cable movie "Block Party," which also stars Jimmy Smits, Kristy Swanson and James LeGros. In the movie he plays a Generation X prisoner whose brutal murder sets the plot. His other television credits include co-starring in the movies "Katie" and "If Somebody Only Knew."

    His feature film credits include starring in Propaganda's "Just Looking"; "Let's Get Lost," which was directed by Bruce Weber; "The Dice Game"; and "The Enlightenment."

    Rodney is also a veteran of New York theater, where he starred in such productions as "Fuel," "Who's Got the Edge," "Hazards Ahead," "Waltzing in Wonder" and "Short Fuse."

    He was born February 20 in Newport Beach, California.

    On SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND, Rodney portrays Cooper Hawkes.

    McQueen and Hawkes

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