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    Guest Cast

    Duchovny/AlvinDavid Duchovny as Alvin EL in episode:
  • #20 - R&R
    Silicate Pool Shark ("Player") programmed to do impersonations -- an entertainment model. Handsome Al (51583) is property of AeroTech aboard the Bacchus.

  • Ermey/BougusR. Lee Ermey as Sergeant Major Bougus in episode:
  • #01 - The Pilot
    SM Bougus was the drill instructor for the 58th at USMC boot camp in Loxely, Alabama.

  • Kind/BurkeRichard Kind as Colonel Burke in episode:
  • #14 - Level of Necessity
    A disgraced Marine Colonel relagated to the Bureau of Psychic Phenomena.

  • Steve Rankin
    As LCol Raymond Thomas Butts in episode:
  • #06 - Ray Butts
    The 58th's Commanding Officer during a classified sabotage mission to a planet held by alien forces.

  • Deloy/ChaputGeorge Deloy (DelHoyo)
    As Nicholas Chaput in episode: #08 - Eyes
    French Nationalist and leader of Le Parti Nationale d'Identite.

    Hunter/ChartwellBill Hunter
    As Spencer Chartwell in episode: #01 - The Pilot
    Secretary General of the United Nations, assassinated by an InVitro (2063).

    As the Host in episode: #20 - R&R
    Host of the Bacchus Pleasure Ship.

    Verea/SwerkoJohn Verea
    As Lt Richard Swerko in episode: #08 - Eyes
    Quote: "An honour I deserve..."
    Co-conspirator with Diane Hayden in her bid to become Secretary General of the UN. He was killed while escaping after trying to assassinate Nicholas Chaput.

    ElroyDoug Hutchison as Elroy EL in episodes:
  • #10 - Choice or chance
  • #16 - The Angriest Angel
  • #19 - Pearly
    Humour model AI. Members of this series have demonstrated sadistic sociopathic tendancies towards humans, and on one occurance shown feelings of attraction to another silicate.

  • /HaydenHarriet Sansom Harris
    As Diane Hayden in episode: #8 - Eyes

    Kirby/KelcherChris Kirby
    As Kelcher in episode: #12 - River of Stars
    Marine that stoped the oxygen leak by afixing a plug with his bare hands.

    /KlingmanGail O'Grady
    As Colonel Klingman in episode:
  • #21 - Stardust

  • /CelinaAmanda Douge
    As Kylen Celina in episode: #1 - The Pilot and #24 - Tell our moms we did our best, and as an evil clone of Kylen in episode: #10 - Choice or Chance.
    Nathan West's girlfriend. Nathan and Kylen were seperated becuase he was removed from the Tellus Colony mission.

    Wong/LowThersa Wong
    As Michelle Low in episode: #01 - The Pilot

    Picoy/LubenKane Picoy
    As Luben in episode: #14 - Level of Necessity

    Jarvis/MacKendrickMartin Jarvis
    As Major Cyril MacKendrick in episode: #19 - Pearly.

    Warden/WestMarc Warden
    As Private Neil West in episode: #17 - Toy Soldiers
    Nathan West's brother. Killed in action.

    Kent/PagsPeter Kent
    As Lt Mike "Pags" Pagodin in episode: #01 - The Pilot
    Quote: "When do we get our planes?"
    Pags was killed in action during the training mission to Mars.

    /PotterCalvin Levels
    As 1st Mate Potter in episode: #5 - Mutiny

    Smallwood/RossTucker Smallwood
    As Commodore Glen Van Ross in many episodes.
    The Commanding Officer of the USS Saratoga.

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    Mantell/SewellMichael Mantell
    As Howard Sewell in episode:
  • #03 - The Farest Man From Home
  • #09 - Hostile Visit
  • #10 - Choice or Chance
  • #15 - Never No More
  • #16 - Angriest Angel
    Deputy Director (Operations) for AreoTech Industries Unlimited. Part of the Chig Conspiracy with other corporate and government officials. Killed by Elroy EL during the development of a "Sewell-Fuel" Missile.

  • /StoneJames Leisure
    As Lt Charlie Stone in episode:
  • #1 - The Pilot
  • #8 - Eyes
    Quote: "Natural borns are going down to the Tank sections in town..."

  • /StroudMelissa Bowen
    As Lt(jg) Stroud in episode: #10 - Hostile Visit and #11 - Choice or Chance
    Naval Sensor Officer (Analyst/Intelligence) abord the USS Saratoga. She was also Paul Wang's girlfriend.

    Stewart/ThompsonDaniel Stewart
    As Thompson in episode:
  • #08 - Eyes
    Pretending to be Chaput's Assistant, he was a plant for Diane Hayden's office. He orchestrated the attempts on Chaput's life and reported directly to Hayden.

  • Valenza/WinslowTasia Valenza
    As Lt Kelly Anne Winslow in episode:
  • #08 - Eyes
  • #12 - River of Stars
  • #14 - Level of Necessity
  • #15 - Never No More
  • #16 - Angriest Angel

    DOB: Mar 05 2041
    RIP: Feb 04 2064
    Serial Number: 957 06 33512

    Possibly the most well adjusted and self confident of the Wild Cards. Kelly was irrepressable, and had her own ideas of what was right and wrong. She had a "thing" for Colonel McQueen and even tried to get him to go with her in to the zero-g-chamber. She died less than month before her 23rd birthday, shot in her ejected cockpit by Chiggy Von Richtoven.

  • /Kimberly Patton
    As Felicity OH in episode:
  • #04 - The Dark Side of the Sun
  • #08 - Eyes
  • #10 - Choice or Chance
  • #19 - Pearly
    Quote: "Can't you kill somebody for once without making a big theatrical production out of it?"

    Normally the leader of encountered Silicate groups, the Feliciti OH models were ironically designed to be submissive pleasure models. Traces of their pre-Stranahan-virus behaviour is evidenced occasionally.

  • /Kristian Sorensen
    As Chig Ambassador in episode:
    #24 - Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best

    Shaff/ChaplainEdmund L. Shaff
    As Chaplain in episode:
  • #11 - Stay With the Dead
  • #16 - Angriest Angel
  • #21 - Stardust
  • #22 - Sugar Dirt

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