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    Cooper Hawkes


    RANK: First Lieutenant, 58th Squadron, US Marine Corps.
    RACE: In Vitro
    BIRTHDATE: March 5, 2040
    AGE: 23
    HOMETOWN: Philadelphia, PA
    WILDCARD CALL SIGN: Jack of Spades
    SERIAL NUMBER: 948-98-01446
    BATCH: Alpha 3439, Philadelphia facility, Gene Pool16A
    PLAYED BY: Rodney Rowland

    Cooper Hawkes is an In Vitro gestated at the Philadelphia facility.

    Prior to "joining" the military, Hawkes escaped from In Vitro training facility prior to finishing his training. For this reason he has very little social skills and has spent most of his life in the slums of the cities running from authorities and "Anti-Tank" thugs. After nearly being hung by a group of these men, Hawkes was arrested for aggrivated assault. The judge was 'lenient' on him and sentenced him to a term in the Marine Corps.

    During boot training, Hawkes made friends with only one person, Mike Pagodin or "Pags" as everyone called him. During the training mission to Mars, Pags was killed. Hawkes has now sworn vengence against those who killed the only person that was nice to him.

    Hawkes has crush on Vansen but does not know how to socialize with people very well. He is envious West since he seems to be the major competion for Vansen's affections, but they eventually get along like brothers.

    He has a problem with authority, but his time in the Marine Corp has tough him many things including the value of his life and those of the people around him.

    McQueen and Hawkes

    Cooper Hawkes Picture Gallery

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