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    Tyrus Cassius (TC) McQueen


    RANK: Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding Officer of the 58th Squadron, US Marine Corps.
    RACE: In Vitro
    AGE: 38
    HOMETOWN: Anchorage, AK
    BATCH: Kappa 9757, Anchorage Facility, Gene Pool 13C
    PLAYED BY: James Morrison

    Nicknamed "Black Knight," Tyrus Cassius (TC) McQueen is a battle veteran and commander of the 58th Squadron. Prior to leading the 58th, McQueen had served many year in the military. During the AI Wars, he was a munitions handler at Port Riskin. At the time of first contact with the Chigs, McQueen was in charge of the 127th Squadron, The Angry Angels. During one of the first battles of the Alien War, the 127th was decimated, leaving McQueen with burns over 20% of his body and as the only surviving member of his Squadron.

    He suffers from an inner ear imbalance due to damage from his injuries from the battle against the Chigs. This damage prevents him from regular space combat, leaving him to guide the 58th from the "ground." He was tortured at the hands of the AI and harbours a deep hatred for them.

    McQueen is divorced from his wife due to the unsurmountable predjudice against him and his inability to procreate naturally. McQueen lives his life by the tenets of many eastern philosophies, and will quote from them when the occasion presents itself.

    McQueen is a cool headed man and shares a close "father-son" bond between himself and Cooper Hawkes. His good friend Commodore Ross also calls him "Ty" ocassionally, but the 58th just call him McQueen or "Sir." He has built a strong military career, displayed by his cool discipline and taciturn demeanor.

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