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    Shane Vansen


    RANK: Captain, 58th Squadron, US Marine Corps.
    RACE: Caucasian
    AGE: 22
    HOMETOWN: San Diego, CA
    WILDCARD CALL SIGN: Queen of Diamonds
    SERIAL NUMBER: 560-51-03318
    PLAYED BY: Kristen Cloke

    During the AI Wars Shane saw her parents killed by a group of AIs in her home. Since that time she has sheltered and mothered her two sisters. She has grown weary of living for others and joined the Marines in memory of her parents and as an escape to the responsibility for the lives of her siblings.

    She has blossomed into the leader of the 58th. Vansen is an effective leader, but her inter-personal skills leave something to be desired -- she is too intense. She leaves the inner workings of the group to her XO Nathan West.

    Shane has had bad luck with relationships, with her parents dead and her only serious love -- whats his name -- murdered by the Chigs, she is hesitant to let herself get close again to anyone except her family. She is aware that Cooper Hawkes is infatuated with her, but does not know what to do about it since he is a child in a man's body.

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