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    Nathan West




    RANK: First Lieutenant, 58th Squadron, US Marine Corps.
    RACE: Caucasian
    AGE: 22
    HOMETOWN: Unknown
    WILDCARD CALL SIGN: King of Hearts
    SERIAL NUMBER: Unknown
    PLAYED BY: Morgan Weisser

    Nathan trained for ten years to prepare for the colonization of Tellus with his fiancee, Kylen Celina. Following his dismissal from the landing party of The Tellus Colony, he enters the US Marine Corps. (Accelerated Flight Training program in Loxley, Alabama) in an attempt to reach Tellus and find Kylen. Nathan soon learns of the Alien slaughter of the Tellus and Vesta colonies and dedicates his life to finding Kylen.

    Nathan has two brothers: Neil and John; and both his parents are still alive. His whole family is pacifist, and does not approve his enrolment in the Marines. They were devestated to find that Neil enlisted, and was killed withing months of joining. Kylen's father, wrought with grief over the possible death of his only daughter, has asked Nathan kill as many aliens as he can in retribution.

    Nathan is effectively the XO of the 58th, and has taken up a fraternal relationship with Hawkes. He has matured incredibly since the time of his enlistment, and has become an exemplary office in the Marine Corps.

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