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    Two novels and four youth novels based on the series are avalible.
    None of the merchandise listed on this site can be bought from the hosting party.

    Space: Above and Beyond
    by Peter Telep

    The greatest adventure in human history is about to begin! Meet the men and women who are leaving Earth and everything they know and love to find their destiny amoung the stars.

    Nathan They tore away the women he loved - and gave him a world to defend.
    Shane No alien enemy could match the horror she had witnessed as a child during the A.I. wars.
    Cooper The "tank" - they said he wasn't human, until he turned rage into glory in the Space Marines.
    Venessa She reached up from the ghetto to grab at the stars - and got them!

    Tomorrow is here. The whole universe is only the beginning...

    Based on the pilot episode, this 258 page novel shows you how it all began.

    HarperPrism - U.S. $5.50
    CAN. $6.50

    Space: Above and Beyond
    Demolition Winter

    by Peter Telep

    "Are we buying a one-way ticket?"

    The young "Wild Cards" of the 58th squadron have just recieved the toughest assignment of their careers - torp in under the enemy shields on the icy planet called "Bulldog's Belly," demolish the supply lines of the alien "Chigs," and shoot thier way out in stolen tankers. Piece of cake. Except for the Silicate double agent, the renegade deserters, and the beautiful fighter pilot who teaches Nathan about love...

    HarperPrism - U.S. $5.50
    CAN. $7.50

    #1. The Aliens Approach
    by Easton Royce

    "This is the pilot episode without its original name. This adaptation of the introductory movie is simply written for the youth market and contains several pages of colour photos. Well worth the price of admission. As with the "grown up" version, this book contains several scenes that just weren't in the TV show."

    #2. Dark Side of the Sun
    by Dina Anastasio

    "I think I may have enjoyed this book almost as much as the episode, although nothing can really compare to the sight of the magnificent Shane Vansen out for vengeance, about to blow those mangy AI's to kingdom come. Once again, it's not exactly a challenging read, but I liked the delving into Shane's mind."

    #3. Mutiny
    by Easton Royce

    "There's a lot on Hawkes's dilemna that gives a bit of pause for thought. I have one little nit pick. There's an added scene where Cooper tries to save his sister by hot-wiring her gestation chamber into the power grid, so that he can turn off the power to the tank section and still save her. I'm not sure if this was Royce's idea or a scene from the original screenplay that got cut, but I tend to feel it confuses the issue. Coop could have easily saved his sister and the other tanks at the flick of a switch, merely by shutting off power to another section or two. It wasn't about saving his sister, it was about choosing to do the right thing. Apart form that though, it's good."

    #4. The Enemy
    by Dina Anastasio

    "I thought Easton Royce was a pretty good writer, and really got a handle on the characters (s)he was dealing with. Dina Anastasio does even better. A ripping yarn."

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