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    Comic Books

    Five comic books based on the series are avalible.

    None of the merchandise listed on this site can be bought from the hosting party.
    Cooper reading his favorite comic: GI Geequed

    Space: Above and Beyond
    The Pilot Episode of the TV Series was released in a series of 3 Issues.

    Topps Comics - Cover Price per issuse
    U.S. $2.95
    CAN. $4.15


    Space: Above and Beyond
    The Gauntlet

    This series of 2 Issues was not based on any of the TV episodes.

    When convoy after convoy is ambushed by the Chigs in an astroid belt, the 58th are sent in to solve the mystery.

    Topps Comics - Cover Price per issuse
    U.S. $2.95
    CAN. $4.15

    Space: Above and Beyond
    UK Edition

    Much more rare than it's USA counsin, this edition of the first three comics has additional articles on the show and cast.

    Publisher/Price Unknown

    Space: Above and Beyond
    Yanick Paquette Originals

    Some of the original copies of the S:AaB comics done by Yanick Paquette can be found for aution on the Internet.

    Price Varies

    Space: Above and Beyond
    Graphic Novel

    Details unknown

    "It was published by Titan Books Ltd., London in March 1997. It collects Topps Comics' SAAB #1-3 and The Gauntlet #1 and #2. It was originally priced 8.99 (sterling) but as I got it in a second hand shop I can't tell you its current market value. It doesn't have the articles found in the UK editions."
    - Helpful S:AaB fan

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