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    Fan Club Merchandise

    There are many small things offered by fan clubs for S:AaB fans. Since there are so many different things I've decided to list them as "fan" rather then dividing them into different catagories.
    None of the merchandise listed on this site can be bought from the hosting party.

    Space Ready Reserve Fan Club Merchandise

    NOTE: Unknown if any of this is still availibe. Try searching eBay or Google. Or check the message board.

    Idle Wheels - a play by James Morrison - softbound - BK-01 - $9
    Incarnation - a CD on which Tucker Smallwood plays guitar and sings Delta blues - CD-01 - $15
    Honorable Discharge - a color photocopy of Hawkes' Honorable Discharge paper from the episode Who Monitors the Birds - MS-01 - $5
    Ruby McCollum - an NPR radio play co-starring James Morrison. 2 boxed audiocassettes. Running time: 119 min. - MS-02 - $19.95
    Hammerhead Pins - Made of solid pewter, 1-1/4 inch in wingspan and length, tie-tac backing - MS-03 - $10
    Chig Ship Resin Models- models are one piece, made of resin with black acrylic added for coloring. Dimensions are approx. 7-1/2"L x 4-1/4"H x 4-3/4"W. - MS-04 - $40
    Tshirts -
    Short-sleeved: S, M, L, XL for $15 or 2XL, 3XL for $18.
    Long-sleeved: S, M, L, XL for $22 or 2XL, 3XL for $26.

    T-shirts are adult unisex Hanes Beefy-Ts, with the main design on the back and a "pocket" logo design on the front.

    TS-01 - Tellus Colonist
    (Red bullseye and black lettering on white shirt)
    TS-02 - No Mercy
    (Space -- No friendly aliens, No cute robots, No holodecks, No mercy) (Blue and white text on a black shirt)
    TS-03 - Fighting 59th
    (5-color design includes tiger, hammerheads, and text on a blue shirt)
    TS-04 - Wildcards logo on an olive drab shirt
    Dogtags - $6 a set.
    DT-01 - Set includes 2 tags (different messages) and 1 chain.
    Mugs and Glasses

    MG-01 - Tellus Colonist Mug - $6
    (black lettering and red bullseye on a white mug).
    MG-02 - Wildcards - $9
    (wildcards logo on a white mug).
    MG-03 - Saratoga - $9
    (saratoga patch on a white mug).
    MG-04 - Angry Angels - $9
    (angry angels patch on a white mug).
    MG-05 - Beer Tankard - $12 each or $20 for 2
    (2-color tun tavern logo on a glass tankard).
    Bumper Stickers - $2 each. 4 designs. Black and red on white.
    BS-01 - I need my Space!
    BS-02 - The few, the proud, the Marines of 2064.
    BS-03 - This car runs on Sewell fuel.
    BS-04 - My other car is a hammerhead.
    Patches - $6 each, multi-color.
    PT-01 - Loaded Dice, version 1
    PT-02 - Loaded Dice, version 2
    Pens - $1.25 each or 4 for $4.
    PN-01 - imprint 1
    Space: Above and Beyond...No friendly aliens... No cute robots...No holodecks... No mercy!!
    PN-02 - imprint 2
    I belong to a member of the 59th Ready Reserve. Writing SOS letters, that's what I'm good for!
    PN-03 - imprint 3
    Space: Above and Beyond 'Shuffle up the Wild Cards and deal 'em' -- Boss Ross
    PN-04 - imprint 4
    Space Fan Club, PO Box 3662, Boulder, CO 80307-3662, reserve-hq@planetx.com
    Photos - Pictures are 8x10 and autographed by Joel de la Fuente - $25 each.
    PH-01 - Casual, B&W
    PH-02 - Formal, B&W
    PH-03 - Wang and West in "Choice or Chance", color
    NOTE: Unknown if any of this is still availibe. Try searching eBay or Google. Or check the message board.


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