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    Videos / DVDs

    None of the merchandise listed on this site can be bought from the hosting party (ie. this website).

    Since FOX doesn't offer most of their shows, inlcuding Space:AaB, on tape, you can not get original high quality tapes (see below for exceptions). However there are people on the Internet who offer the complete series.



    OFFICIAL DVDs - Region 2 (UK, Europe, Japan, South Africa and Middle East)

    The official region 2 set was release in 2012 and this is the set you have been waiting for. Unfortunate that most of the fan base in the USA won't be able to play it, but if that changes we will keep you posted.

    Extras include [NOTE: this is updated from the creators of the DVD who indicated that the description on Amazon is not correct]:

    • Beyond And Back – A feature length retrospective documentary about the making of the series (75mins)
    • Designs For A Future War – Featurette that explores the look, tone and design of the series (20 mins)
    • Audio Commentaries with Series Creators and Cast and Crew x 4
    • Deleted/Alternate Scenes
    • Original Cast Publicity Interviews
    • TV Spots
    • Stills Gallery – 01 Earth Forces 02 Chigs 03 Episodic

    The official DVDs from AMAZON.co.uk as the Box set and the Pilot Episode.

    Last Updated: May 2012

    OFFICIAL DVDs - Region 1 (US/Canada)

    The official region 1 set was release in 2005 and as Amazon describe it: "Commentary by Morgan and Wong and the cast would have been welcome, especially if the plans for the unseen second season could've been revealed, but unfortunately, no supplemental features are included in this slickly produced, no-frills set. "

    The official DVD from BestBuy, AMAZON.com and of course eBay

    Last Updated: May 2012

    VHS tapes
    S:AaB was never release in the USA on VHS.

    PAL Format VHS (UK/AU)
    For PAL format (*not* playable on Narth American VCRs) Fox Home Video has released the premiere plus one or two episodes, check at your local video store or eBay.

    Laser Disc

    I have only seen this on eBay once, and I doubt there are many copies out there.

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