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    VR - Air Lock

    FILE: airlckhi.mov

    SIZE: 768 X 104

    FILE SIZE: 527 KB

    FORMAT: Quicktime VR / Quicktime 3


    A VR view of the Airlock between the ISSAPC bay and the rest of the Saratoga.

    On the U.S.S. Saratoga, the airlock is all that stands between the ship and the freezing void of space. This is where the crew members suit up to take a walk outside. Just beyond the airlock door is the loading dock for the Inter Solar System Armored Personnel Carrier. The White Room is a vital gateway between space and the ISSAPC landing pad. But this fact makes the room a very dangerous place. One mistake and you could wind up outside without a space suit. And although that would be a big problem, you wouldn't have to worry about it for long.


    Space: Above and Beyond Designer Bernard Hides wanted a striking visual transition between the U.S.S. Saratoga's LOADING BAY and the interior of the ship. Thus, the White Room. His inspiration for this stark set comes from the various "clean room" environments used in industrial manufacturing techniques. the room's "whiteness" alerts the Saratoga's staff to any visible contamination, while the banks of lights "eradicate" any invisible foreign matter (who knows what filthy diseases Chigs carry?!)

    As the high intensity of the White Room bears witness, Space: Above and Beyond is a complicated show to light. The sets make use of nearly a mile of flourescent lighting tubes alone!


    As with all the Quicktime VR movies, you cal look around and zoom in/out from a stationary point.

    I don't know why FOX made a VR-Movie of this room. Frankly there isn't anything to see. Just white walls, two suits, and a couple of doors. It's a nice set, but boring.

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