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    VR - An ISSAPC Cockpit

    FILE: apcockhi.mov

    SIZE: 768 X 124

    FILE SIZE: 611 KB

    FORMAT: Quicktime VR / Quicktime 3


    A VR view of the cockpit of an ISSAPC Dropship.

    The Marines of the 58th will fight wherever they're needed. If it's not in deep space, then it's planetside. And if it's planetside, they catch a ride on one of these. This is the Inter Solar System Armored Personnel Carrier, or ISSAPC for short. Affectionately nicknamed the "Flying Winnebago," these ships are the workhorses of the war effort. Able to carry both troops and cargo, and to act as a land-based command center, these are extremely versatile spacecraft. It may not be the most comfortable ride in the skies, but it will definitely get you there.


    If you combined a Sikorsky helicopter and a C130 Hercules transport aircraft and then projected it 70 years into the future, you'd have the Inter Solar System Armored Personnel Carrier (ISSAPC). It's a large fighting cargo vehicle with dimensions 150 feet long, 12 feet wide and 10 feet high.

    The Cockpit, which you see here, is extremely cramped, its design is based on modern fighting helicopters. The crew affectionately refers to this portion portion of the ISSAPC as "The Lunch Box."

    The video screens in the cockpit's control panel are driven by four separate video decks, hidden behind the scenes. When the crew of Space:Above and Beyond is filming, the deck operator will control what appears on each monitor.


    As with all the Quicktime VR movies, you cal look around and zoom in/out from a stationary point.

    This is one of the rare scenes and although it doesn't show much it is interesting to see.

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