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    VR - 58th Quarters/Bunks

    FILE: bunkhi.mov

    SIZE: 768 X 104

    FILE SIZE: 526 KB

    FORMAT: Quicktime VR / Quicktime 3


    A VR view of the 58th's Crew Quarters on the USS Saratoga.

    Space may be infinite, but the living quarters of the 58th are anything but. They're cramped, stuffy and totally impersonal. But as they say, home is wherever you rest your head. You can see where the Wild Cards have tried to make the best of it. Most have personal pictures on their walls. Wang, of course, has his pennants. The door by the lockers leads to the head. And in the center of it all, serving as a constant reminder of who they are and why they're there, is the emblem of the Wild Cards. Three simple words tell you everything you need to know about the 58th: "EXPECT NO MERCY!"


    Production Designer, Bernard Hides, toured the Aircraft Carrier, U.S.S. Kitty Hawk, before creating the 58th's sleeping quarters and, as you can see, the influence is quite apparent. The cramped 300 foot set is complete with the 58th squadron's "Wild Cards" logo.

    "Truth be known," says Hides, "our bunk room is far more spacious and luxurious than the Kitty Hawk's!"

    Most sets on Space:Above and Beyond are connected by "corridor" sets and as a result, it's possible to film continuously between sets. This allows directors to follow a character from one room to another, letting the action flow smoothly.


    As with all the Quicktime VR movies, you cal look around and zoom in/out from a stationary point.

    The actual layout is surprising when you can simply turn around. Most of the time in the show you see it from odd angles and with low lighting. Just an editor's note, that window in the corner, actually is dark space in the show.

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