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    VR - Tun Tavern

    FILE: tuntavhi.mov

    SIZE: 768 X 104

    FILE SIZE: 527 KB

    FORMAT: Quicktime VR / Quicktime 3


    A VR view of the Tun Tavern on the USS Saratoga.

    Back on Earth, in a place called Philadelphia, the Tun Tavern is celebrated as the birthplace of the Marine Corps. In the far reaches of space, this is its distant offspring. The Saratoga's Tun Tavern is where the crew can kick back for a little R & R. There's drinking, dancing, music and games. You might see some of the Wild Cards playing a video game. Or you might catch them taking their aggressions out in a wild game of Chig foosball. There is one thing we have to warn you about, though--the door on the way in reads, "Through these doors, rank has no privileges." So check your attitude at the door, and don't forget your drink credits.


    After a full day of fighting Chigs and A.I.'s, the 58th need a place to unwind. Tun Tavern, the Saratoga's favorite watering hole, is a 900 foot set designed soley for that purpose. Video Jukeboxes, a full bar and even Foos-ball round out some of the activities available to the Saratoga's crew. If you look closely you can see the tiny foosball opponents are Chigs and Marines! The real Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia is known as the birthplace of the United States Marine Corps. The first Marines were recruited there on November 10, 1775.

    If the Tun Tavern set doesn't happen to be in use that day, members of Space: Above and Beyond's cast and crew will relax here between takes!


    As with all the Quicktime VR movies, you cal look around and zoom in/out from a stationary point.

    It's just a interesting set to see because when you pan around you feel like you are actually standing in the middle of the room. You only wish you could walk over to the bar and sit down for a drink with McQueen and the rest of the 58th.

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