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    "Space:Above and Beyond"
    Glen Morgan and James Wong are sending Earth's
    youngest pilots into intergalactic war.

    • By Ian Spelling. © 1995 Starlog Magazine.

    "The Promise of Space"
    Venturing into intergalactic warfare, James Wong
    & Glen Morgan take fans
    Above & Beyond.
    • By Marc Shapiro. © 1995 Starlog SF Explorer.

    "Space:Above and Beyond"
    Cinescape's 1995 Science Fiction Television Yearbook: Space: Above and Beyond
    • © 1995 Cinescape Group, Inc.

    "'Space' Odyssey"
    A feisty platoon of futuristic Marines does battle with aliens--and Sunday-night ratings.
    • By Michael Logan. © 1996 TV Guide (January 20-26, 1996)

    "'Space' Cadets"
    The cast of Space: Above and Beyond
    • © 1996 TV Guide (January 20-26, 1996)

    "Wild Wolf"
    As an artificial human in Space, Rodney Rowland
    has an energy level above & beyond the norm.

    • By Joe Nazzaro. © 1995 Starlog SF Explorer.

    "Fighter Pilot"
    Lanei Chapman seeks adventure in flight to Space.
    • By Joe Nazzaro. © 1996 Starlog Magazine.

    "A New Beginning"
    After a rebellious youth, Rodney Rowland flies straight in Space: Above and Beyond
    • By Edward Gross. © Cinescape - 19??

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