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i. What is this document?
This document is the Space: Above and Beyond Frequently and not-so-Frequently Asked Questions list. This is version 3.0 - 1999. It is a completely unofficial document and this version is maintained by Krigh. It attempts to pose and answer some of the more commonly asked questions about the Fox show Space: Above and Beyond.

Special thanks go out to:
  • David French compiled version 2.1 of the FAQs.
  • Pat 'wu Moss for maintaining the space-l mailing list and for operating the information half of the Space: Above and Beyond Original Companion Web Sites.
  • Stanley B. for maintaining the multimedia half of the Space: Above and Beyond Original Companion Web Sites (especially for providing the fantastic array of jpeg's and .WAV's), and for assistance in the creation of this FAQ.
  • Pat Gonzales for the initial version of the Space: Above and Beyond FAQ v1.0.
  • The cast and crew of Space: Above and Beyond.
  • All Space: Above and Beyond Fans.

All material contained in this document is copyright 1995-96 Fox Broadcasting Co. All rights reserved. This document does not intend or imply any infringement upon these rights.

ii. I've read the FansFAQ, but I still have questions. Who can I ask?
While I've made an effort to be as complete as possible in this document, I obviously can't know everything. Luckily for everyone, there are some excellent sources of information out there. An excellent site is SPACE: Mission Status. It has information and instructions on how to join newsgroups and mailing lists.

iii. There is a HUGE blunder in the FansFAQ! How can I correct it?
See the contact me page to contact the webmaster.

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