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Space: Above and Beyond meets the Internet

Where can I find more information on S:AaB?
Well if you didn't find it on this site, I can suggest a few alternatives. Check out the links page for a list of other sites. Most search engine also list lots of S:AaB sites. And if you still can't find the answers you're looking for try chat rooms, news groups, and mail lists.

Is it OK to mail the cast/crew at their email addresses?
It is very hard to find email address for the cast and crew unless you run into them on the net. But if you do have their addresses and you feel like mailing them, you may. However, remember they are all busy working on new projects and living their lives. So a couple of tips:
  • Keep it short and to the point. If you send them a novel, they might not have time to read it all.
  • If they don't respond, don't spam them. They might not have the time to reply, so you shouldn't keep sending them the same message over and over again expecting a response.

I mailed so-and-so three weeks ago and I haven't heard anything!
Why doesn't this person mail me back? As previously mentioned, the cast/crew are busy doing other things. They are probably working on other shows and have matters of real life to deal with. Also take into consideration that you might not be the only person that emailing them, and they can't reply to everything they get. Don't be surprise if I don't get a reply for a week or at all. So just be patient...

Where can I find out more specific information about so-and-so?
Fortunately, there exist many informational sources. You could try the The Internet Movie Database (IMBD), look up other S:AaB sites, or search the net for fan sites dedicated to that person.

Where can I buy a Hammerhead and other things from 2063?
One of the great things about of the Internet is it connects you to people all over the world. You no longer have to buy just what the local stores sell, as well you can find rare and hard to find items. This includes S:AaB merchandise that you can order from the other end of the country and international, including overseas. You can check the merchandise section on our site, but there are something we don't list.

Where can I buy video tapes of S:AaB?
Since FOX doesn't offer most of their shows, inlcuding Space:AaB, on tape, you can not get original high quality tapes. However there are people on the Internet who offer the complete series or individual episodes. See the video merchandise section of this site.

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