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Questions about what is happening in the show

What is the name of the song(s) they play in episode... ?
If you are looking for the name of a particular song that was played in the show... see Music Merchandise.

What is Space: Above and Beyond all about?
Space: Above and Beyond (SAAB) is a futuristic show about a group of United States Space Marines (the 58th Squadron, "Wildcards"), on the front lines of a galactic war with a mysterious enemy.

What is the background for Space: Above and Beyond?
Space: Above and Beyond is set in the year 2063. After years of universal peace, the people of Earth have begun colonizing other planets. Suddenly, a previously unknown alien race annihilates two fledgling communities. Earth's top fighter squadrons are decimated and our group of military cadets is unexpectedly hurled onto the front lines of an intergalactic war.

Why do the 58th double as both pilots and ground forces?
Well this is partly because they are Marines. See one of the main principles behind the United States Marine Corps is that every soldier from the Commanding Officer to the Cook have been trained as foot soldier. Everyone of them has to complete basic boot camp training. In the modern 1990's Corp most stick to a certain role. Infantry on the ground and pilots in the air. However the creator of S:AaB choose to change this around. It also makes the show more exciting.

What does Semper Fi mean?
Semper Fidelis ("Semper Fi!") is a Latin phrase, meaning "Always Faithful". It is the motto of the United States Marine Corps (both present day and that of 2063).

What are the Marines yelling all the time? Hurrah?
Another Marine facet, this is the battle cry of the United States Marines. It has been described by official sources that the cry is "HOO RAAH!" It has also been described "HOO YAAH!". I leave it to the reader to decide which to yell.

What are the words to that cool Marine Corps 'Mickey Mouse Club' song?
The song, which was heard on Tartarus, is as follows:
"Born in the woods, trained by a bear;
Double set of dog-teeth, triple coat of hair.
M - Mean as hell
A - All the time
R - Rough and tough
I - In the mud
N - Never quit
E - Every day
S - Semper Fi! "

What is that little book that McQueen reads from?
The book is the Te-Tao Ching (Way of Life), written by Lao-Tzu, a Chinese philosopher.

Who is Dr. Stranahan?
He was a disgruntled programmer who inserted a virus program into the A.I. mainframe system which gave the A.I.'s a risk-taking perspective on life, they revolted against their human masters and the A.I. wars began.

Who is Chiggy von Richtofen?
Chiggy von Richtofen was never actually seen in the show. He was the chig pilot of a super prototype fighter seen in episodes #15 - Never No More and #16 - The Angriest Angel. He was named after the WWI pilot Freiherr von Richthofen, known to most people as the Red Baron. Chiggy's craft was known for it's new design and for the writing on the fuselage that read "Abandon all hope"

What are the Wildcards?
The Wildcards are the United States Marine Corps Space Aviator Cavalry, 58th Squadron. They are a group of young Space Marines, fresh out of the academy, who have been assigned to the front lines of the war against the enemy (known only as 'Chigs'). Their current assignment is aboard the SCVN U.S.S. Saratoga.

What are the Chigs?
The Chigs received their name because they allegedly look like Earth chigoe (which are small, six-legged flea. Also called a chigger or sand flea). The Chigs are an alien race, who, according to reports, decimated the two Earth colonies Vesta and Tellus, thus beginning the galactic war in which the 58th currently find themselves fighting. Chigs appear humanoid, though they are rarely (if ever) seen sans their armored environment suits. Contact with human-breathable atmospheres apparently causes Chigs to dissolve, as does exposure to regular water. Chigs have also apparently allied themselves with the A.I.'s; however the true nature of this alliance is yet unknown, and is possibly one of mutual necessity.

What are AI's/Silicates?
The Artificial Intelligences (AI's, or Silicates) are human-looking, walking personal computers built to be servants and soldiers for the human race. Designed to be visually pleasing, the A.I.'s are beautiful physical specimens. However, their eyes are eerie white with rifle sight-like crosshairs in place of pupils. These computers are programmed to comprehend abstract concepts such as philosophy and ethics, but they were restricted from creating and acting on original ideas. They emit "clicking and beeping" sounds that are their way of comunication with each other of great distances.

What was the A.I. war?
When a disgruntled programmer inserted a virus program into the A.I. mainframe system which gave the A.I.'s a risk-taking perspective on life, they revolted against their human masters and the A.I. wars began. "Take a Chance" became the new A.I. motto and the Earth became a deadly battleground. The War moved into space after numerous years of terrorism on the ground. Following their "Take a Chance" philosophy, an aggressive group of A.I.'s commandeered a military spacecraft and launched themselves into space, expanding the boundaries of their bloody battle against the "Carbonites" -- their technical name for humans.

What are InVitros?
Since human casualties were dangerously high, the inhabitants of Earth created a race of people conceived by in vitro fertilization and bred for war. This new race of humans were conceived in artificial gestation chambers or tanks (from which the derogatory term "tank" derives). They remain suspended in cryogenic sleep until age 18, at which time they are awakened and sent into battle. Unfortunately, since In Vitros were born from parents who never lived and never benefited from a loving family life, they turned out to be very poor soldiers -- having neither a love of family nor a feeling of patriotism for their country. Out of guilt and dissatisfaction, the In Vitro platoons were eventually dissolved by the government and the "tanks" soon evolved into a rebellious race of political untouchables. The "navel" present at the back of their necks (where the artificial umbilical cord was attached in the gestation chamber) became the only visible distinguishing feature, making them easily recognizable and an easy target of constant discrimination.

What is AeroTech?
Not much is known about AeroTech. We know that they are a government organization responsible for the only two human colonies on other worlds, the ill-fated Vesta and Tellus colonies. It is run by a Board of Directors, among which is a man named Sewell, who is becoming somewhat of a thorn in Commodore Ross' side. Diane Hayden, the current Secretary General, was also a member. They are also responsible for the manufacturing of much of the military's space vehicles (eg. Hammerheads, SCVNs, ISSAPCs).

What is the Saratoga?
The U.S.S. Saratoga is an SCVN (Space Carrier Vehicle Nuclear), registry number SCVN-2812, currently under the command of Commodore Ross. It is the base of operations for multiple squadrons, including the 58th.

What is a Hammerhead?
The SA-43 Endo/Exo-Atmospheric Attack Jet ("Hammerheads") is the main-stay of the Marine Corps. Their SCRAM engines enable them to fly in an atmosphere and in the vacuum of space. Following in the modular design of aircraft of the late 20th century, Hammerheads can be adapted for normal combat, search and rescue, and possibly other missions. The canopies of the craft are also detachable allowing docking with space platforms and safe ejection in space. Systems that are known to exist in the Hammerheads include LIDAR (Laser Infrared Detection And Ranging), HUD (Heads-Up Display), ODP (Optical Disk Playback), and the Autopilot (also called "egghead").

What is the difference between an ISSAPC and an ISSCV?
The Inter Solar System Cargo Vehicle (ISSCV) is a vehicle in the show. It is designed to interface with the a cargo module, a large rectangular crate. These cargo moduales can be configured to do many things, including transporting troops, evac, and even mobile headquaters. It has been nicknamed "Flying Winnebago", due to its resemblance to that vehicle.
As the show continued weapons were added to the ISSCV, creating the Inter Solar System Armored Personnel Carrier (ISSAPC). There is also a ISSTV (Transport Vehicle).

What is does SCVN stand for?
SCVN stands for Space Carrier Vehicle (Nuclear), and is the space equivalent of the aircraft carriers of today's Navy. SCVN's are armed with powerful cannons and missile launchers, as well as a complement of SA-43 Hammerheads. The fighter launch bays are on the bottom of the ship, and there are landing pads on deck for ISSAPC docking.

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