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    A Burial in Space

    Grunts in the trenches

    Vansen and Hawkes

    TC McQueen

    The Story

    After years of universal peace, the people of Earth have begun colonizing other planets. Suddenly, a previously unknown alien race annihilates two fledgling communities. Earth's top fighter squadrons are decimated and our group of military cadets is unexpectedly hurled onto the front lines of an intergalactic war.

    Each of the brave young men and women had a different reason for enlisting. Nathan West trained with his girlfriend, Kylen, to be part of one of the expeditions colonizing space. West is devastated when he loses his spot in the colony to an "In Vitro," a despised race originally bred to serve in menial positions but now fighting for their rights. Kylen, meanwhile, must leave with the colony. The military offers West's only chance of going into space and reuniting with the love of his life. Fellow cadet Shane Vansen is a young woman with a painful past who befriends the reluctant West. Cooper Hawkes is an In Vitro, or "Tank," who has been unjustly sentenced to serve in the military and quickly becomes the target of scorn and prejudice.

    Other cadets include Vanessa Damphousse, a woman with a fierce spirit tempered by her soft empathy for others, and Paul Wang, an intellectual with an insatiable curiosity that often puts him in jeopardy.

    The group's commander is the cool and mysterious Tyrus Cassius (TC) McQueen, once a member of the best fighting squadron in the world. He guides the unit with an iron fist while teaching his proteges the importance of friendship and bravery.

    The Original 58th

    Sergeant Major Bougus


    West and Damphousse

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