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  • What is Space: Above and Beyond?

    Space: 2063 · Space:AaB · Space · S:AaB · Saab

    SPACE: Above and Beyond is a television show. It premiered in the fall of 1995 on the FOX Broadcasting Network. It is a one-hour drama about a squadron of brave, first-year Marine Corps fighter pilots whose mission is to stop a race of aliens out to conquer Earth, in the year 2063. However due to complication and politics of the corporate media world, the show was canceled after a short season of only 24 episodes. The series-reruns can now be found on a few networks including the Sci-Fi Chanel in the USA and SPACE: The Imagination Station in Canada.

    Even though the show only ran for a short time, it reached out to a lot of people and even has a cult following now. Many people still hang on to dreams of the show returning someday, back on TV or even as a Movie. The Internet is the great resources for S:AaB related material. You can find many groups still discussing the show, merchandise for sale worldwide, and many fan sites (such as this one).

    FOX long ago abandoned the series, but many of it's fans still watch and keep word of it spreading. If you enjoy the series yourself, tell a friend about it and keep the name alive. As the series taught us Semper Fi... Always Faithful.

    "Short-lived effort by THE X-FILES and MILLENIUM writer/producer team of Glen Morgan and James Wong. Inspired no doubt by Robert A. Heinlein's classic STARSHIPTROOPERS novel, a group of young and inexperienced space marine trainees are thrown into combat setting with all the trappings of a Vietnam-era drama."

    - David Hirsch - Alien Invasion: Space and Beyond [cd]


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