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  • 01/02: Pilot
  • 03: The Farthest Man...
  • 04: The Dark Side of...
  • 05: Mutiny
  • 06: Ray Butts
  • 07: The Enemy
  • 08: Eyes
  • 09: Hostile Visit
  • 10: Choice Or Chance
  • 11: Stay With the Dead
  • 12: River of Stars
  • 13: Who Monitors the Birds
  • 14: Level of Necessity
  • 15: Never No More
  • 16: The Angriest Angel
  • 17: Toy Soldiers
  • 18: Dear Earth
  • 19: Pearly
  • 20: R&R
  • 21: Stardust
  • 22: Sugar Dirt
  • 23: And If They Lay Us...
  • 24: Tell Our Moms We...
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    After decades of peace, mankind discovers that it is not alone in the universe and is pulled into a war with an unknown alien species. A group of new recruits in the United States Marine Corp are thrown into the heat of battle. They each joined for there own reason, but in the end they are all fighting for the same thing, Earth and the survival of the human race.

    Original Air Date: 09/24/95

    Director: David Nutter

    Writers: Glen Morgan and James Wong

    Guest Cast:
    Ric Anderson as Slayton
    Charles Anthony as Nelson
    Melissa Bullock as Young Shane
    James Campbell as John West
    Anja Coleby as Bartley
    Robert Coleby as Colonel Govenor Jonathan Overmeyer
    Alan Dale as Colonel Govenor Borman
    Amanda Dogue as Kylen Celina
    R Lee Ermey as Sgt Major Frank Bougus
    Colin Friels as Lt Colonel Fouts
    Angus Grant as Neil West
    Colin Handley as Sgt Vansen
    Bill Hunter as Secretary General Chartwell
    Bartholomew John as Richard West
    Peter Kent as Mike 'Pags' Pagodin
    Darrin Klimek as Carter
    Chris Kirby as Stone
    Gennie Nevinson as Anne West
    Rebecca Riggs as Mrs Vansen
    Michael Edwards Stevens as Maxwell
    Theresa Wong as Michelle Low
    A more detailed EPISODE SUMMARY with spoiler information is also available.

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