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    HISTORICAL REFERENCE: JFK; Rice University; September 12, 1962

    "We choose to go to the Moon not because it is easy, but because it is hard... the challenge is one we accept and one we intend to win."

    MISSION: Reconnaissance patrol of two planets in the Indi 209100 Star System.

    SUMMARY: Special forces US Army Green Berets, headed by Capt. Joyner, board SCVN USS Saratoga with a survivor discovered on Planet Tellus uttering "I'm the Farthest Man From Home." Howard Sewell (from Aerotech Board of Directors who had Nathan thrown off Tellus mission,) threatens to "reeducate" the prisoner during interrogation if he does not candidly speak of his time spend with the Aliens. Nathan, after learning from the prisoner that Kylen Celina might be alive, goes AWOL to Tellus to search for her.

    Cooper and Shane fall out of their reconnaissance formation ('Go Elvis') to go after Nathan with McQueen's tacit blessing. Nathan finds Celina's locker with her personal belongings and a line up of photo-tags (w/ digital playback buttons) of those who survived... Kylen's message "Nathan, we're always together." He proceeds to a cave following her direction to "Look to the high ground," and discovers two additional Tellus survivors - Theresa Ashford and Yuko Kaya - living amongst alien graves. They confirm his suspicions that Kylen was taken by the aliens. Nathan plans to attack the campground of aliens holding other hostages, but abandons the search to rescue Cooper whose plane is shot down nearby.

    Shane radios McQueen who then boards an APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) to Tellus and orders the rest of the 58th to 'cover' it. Following the rescue, the survivors are taken away by Sewell (their fate unknown) and the 58th's actions are classified "Code Red" (not to be acknowledged or discussed.) The squadron will not see Tellus for another 50 years.

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