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    [Hammerhead and Sun Image]


    NEW CHARACTERS: LT Howard Gordon, LT Nelson, Al's: Feliciti OH 519, Justin EB 774, Sabrina EW 177, and Jean Paul EP 212

    MISSION: Sentry duty to procure and protect Helium (He3) ore at the Icarus He3 Mining Facility on Comet Bunuel.

    SUMMARY: Shane is haunted by nightmares of her ship flying into an exploding sun. As she is tossed into space, she drifts into the memory of her parents' murder by Silicates.

    The 58th and Lt. Howard Gordon land on the Comet Bunuel to find themselves under attack by Silicates. They retreat into the industrial complex and discover the dead bodies of the miners who worked at the facility. While in the complex, Paul, Vanessa, and Cooper are captured by Al's commanded by Feliciti OH 519. By accessing an injured Al's RAM (Random Access Memory,) Shane and Nathan begin to track the Al's and their crew-mates down.

    In an attempt to save the lives of the squadron, Cooper challenges Feliciti OH to "take a chance" at BlackJack; where the stakes are life and death. After Cooper loses 18 to 20, a Silicate (Jean-Paul) proceeds to carry out the execution. At the same time Nathan and Shane attack. While the rest of the Al's descend upon the squadron, Shane follows Feliciti. She discovers that the Silicates killed her parents for no particular reason; they were simply on the losing side of a coin toss. In a rampage, Shane kills Feliciti and Justin, saves the 58th, and shoots down the Al transport plane holding the stolen ore... but her nightmares do not stop.

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