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  • 08: Eyes
  • 09: Hostile Visit
  • 10: Choice Or Chance
  • 11: Stay With the Dead
  • 12: River of Stars
  • 13: Who Monitors the Birds
  • 14: Level of Necessity
  • 15: Never No More
  • 16: The Angriest Angel
  • 17: Toy Soldiers
  • 18: Dear Earth
  • 19: Pearly
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  • 21: Stardust
  • 22: Sugar Dirt
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    [I.V. Tanks]



    Cover of book After an Alien attack, the 58th is forced to hitch a ride on a civilian cargo freighter transporting 2,000 cryogenically suspended people (including 200 Tanks) from deep space to new posts. Cooper discovers that his "sister" is among the 200 Tanks in section 46. When an Alien attack disables the cargo ship, the Captain orders section 46 shut down to preserve the power necessary to escape the enemy onslaught, provoking a mutiny among Tank crew members and forcing Cooper to decide where his allegiance lies.

    AIR DATE: 10/15/95

    DIRECTOR: Steven Cragg

    WRITER: Steven Zito

    Tony AmendolaasCAPT. LEWELYN
    Thom BarryasCHIEF MECHANIC
    Lisa DinkinsasTRIAGE NURSE
    Tom EverettasC.P.O. KEATS
    William ForwardasMERCER
    Jeffrey HowardasHARRIS
    Robert Louis KempfasSGT. MONK
    Calvin LevelsasFIRST MATE POTTER
    Christopher Michael MooreasSORREL
    Ping WuasASHBY
    A more detailed EPISODE SUMMARY with spoiler information is also available.

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