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    HISTORICAL REFERENCE: J. Wilkes Booth; April 12,1865

    "Tell mother I died for my country, I did what I thought was best."

    NEW CHARACTERS: Cwirko, Lt. Charlie Stone, Lt. Susan Posarick, Lt. Dan Cook, Nicholas Chaput, Thompson (Chaput's personal asst.), Diane Hayden, Feliciti 0H483.

    MISSION: "Cargo" pick-up (i.e. Diane Hayden) at the Armstrong Moon Base.

    SUMMARY: The 58th Squadron's one week leave is canceled after the UN Secretary General Spencer Chartwell is assassinated by an In Vitro at New Delhi Stadium. Nicholas Chaput, acting world leader until the election, is in competition with Diane Hayden, US Ambassador, for the Secretary General position. Chaput comes aboard the Saratoga and demands, in view of the recent events, that Cooper and McQueen undergo a loyalty test.

    On board the Saratoga, two more assassination plots are revealed; Nathan is requested by Chaput to evade his patrol during a secret meeting wi Hayden, and Cooper -- who has been 'brainwashed' by the injection -- is compelled to shoot at Chaput's swastika-like medal worn on his chest. Additionally, Shane encounters Silicates brought aboard as guests of Hayden's; namely, Feliciti 0H483 (Shane killed the previous model #597 on Bunuel after discovering she killed her parents.)

    Cwirko, involved in the conspiracy w/ Hayden and Thompson, tries to shoot Chaput. He escapes Nathan by boarding a hammerhead; but, due to a malfunction, he is killed when his plane blows up in space. McQueen, released from prison after agreeing to complete the loyalty test, becomes aware of the plot against Chaput and prevents Cooper from being an accessory. Thompson is arrested for setting up Chaput, but Hayden escapes punishment. Eventually, she is elected Secretary General.

    Nathan later discovers that Chaput was correct when he said the Board of Governors (Diane specifically) knew of the alien existence before the Tellus mission.

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