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    "Soldiering has one great trap. To be a good soldier, you must love the army. To be a good officer, you must be willing to order the death of the thing you love."

    NEW CHARACTERS:Michael Mantell as Mr. Sewell, Steven Jang as Connor, David Gardner as Klein, Susan V. Hansen as Gates.

    MISSION: Use alien ship to infiltrate and attack alien home base.

    SUMMARY: Saratoga is attacked by alien bombers and left powerless for 10 seconds after being hit by a strange electrical charge. The responsible bomber hovers, apparently dead, 200 meters oft The Saratoga's bow.

    Lt. Stroud, Krantz, and Webb analyze the ship but cannot inform the 58th if any aliens remain aboard. In spite of Sewell's attempts to thwart the 58th, they board the bomber and discover that it is 'alive.' Filled with a conducting gel made of bacteriohodopsin, the ship can 'heal' itself and transfer bioelectrics to and from the individuals flying it. By inserting their arms into the jell covering the console, the crew and ship can become 'one' in which speed and sequence are key.

    Following days of practice, the 58th and McQueen set off for the Orange Alien Planet. They successfully return recognition codes sent by chigs passing by, but are unable to fool the satellite orbiting the planet... An all out battle ensues. Unable to successfully maneuver the ship in extreme battle, they board a life pod and are thrown into space just as the attacker explodes. Unable to steer, McQueen and the 58th tumble in space knowing they'll last as long as the air supply.

    Episode ends..."To be continued..."

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