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  • 01/02: Pilot
  • 03: The Farthest Man...
  • 04: The Dark Side of...
  • 05: Mutiny
  • 06: Ray Butts
  • 07: The Enemy
  • 08: Eyes
  • 09: Hostile Visit
  • 10: Choice Or Chance
  • 11: Stay With the Dead
  • 12: River of Stars
  • 13: Who Monitors the Birds
  • 14: Level of Necessity
  • 15: Never No More
  • 16: The Angriest Angel
  • 17: Toy Soldiers
  • 18: Dear Earth
  • 19: Pearly
  • 20: R&R
  • 21: Stardust
  • 22: Sugar Dirt
  • 23: And If They Lay Us...
  • 24: Tell Our Moms We...
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    When mail call delivers letters and packages from Earth, the Five-Eight are in for a few surprises. McQueen and Hawkes receive letters letting them know that a film crew is coming to the Saratoga to film them for a television special on In Vitros. West gets a letter from his parents and is shocked when he figures out that they havenít been notified of their son's death (Neil West). Vansen gets a home video from her sister that helps may help her realize what she is fighting for. Damphoose goes into battle and ends up with a condition that no doctor can help.

    Writer: Richard Whitley

    Director: Winrich Kolbe

    Guest Cast:
    Steve Hytner as Reporter
    Charles Carpenter as Cameraman
    Tucker Smallwood as Commodore Ross
    Darren Gray Ward as Lt John Hall
    Bo Clendenin as Monk
    John Battle as Supply Sgt
    Jennifer Burns as Ann
    Rock Reiser as Armed Guard
    Carl Gillard as Opthalmologist
    Robert Crow as Crow
    Gibson Frazier as Ed
    Loren Chase as Mrs West
    Kate McCalley as Doctor
    Scott Heath Dorel as Sailor #1
    Jermaine Montell as Sailor #2
    Michael Wachtel as Marine #1
    Ted Mann as Slow Talker

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