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    [Bacchus Image]

    David Duchovny as Alvin EL 51583

    Coolio as The Host



    During a long hammerhead patrol, tired from the constant working and fighting, the 58th are jumped by the Chigs and Hawkes almost ends up dead. Commodore Ross, seeing that his top squadron is over worked, orders them to take a weekend’s leave on the nearby pleasure ship Bacchus. However he is quick to point out, the 58th are not the same people they were when they joined. This turns out to be very true and it does not take long for them to find themselves in trouble.

    Writer: Jule Selbo

    Director: Thomas J Wright

    Guest Cast:
    Julius Brancaas Bartender
    Coolioas The Host
    Jennifer Crystalas Nurse Larlee
    David Duchovnyas Alvin EL 51583
    David Scott Gordenas Guy
    Vincent Guastaferroas Man
    Janet Gunnas Suzie
    Tucker Smallwoodas Commodore Ross

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