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  • 03: The Farthest Man...
  • 04: The Dark Side of...
  • 05: Mutiny
  • 06: Ray Butts
  • 07: The Enemy
  • 08: Eyes
  • 09: Hostile Visit
  • 10: Choice Or Chance
  • 11: Stay With the Dead
  • 12: River of Stars
  • 13: Who Monitors the Birds
  • 14: Level of Necessity
  • 15: Never No More
  • 16: The Angriest Angel
  • 17: Toy Soldiers
  • 18: Dear Earth
  • 19: Pearly
  • 20: R&R
  • 21: Stardust
  • 22: Sugar Dirt
  • 23: And If They Lay Us...
  • 24: Tell Our Moms We...
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    US Marines on Demios

    Hammerhead Crashing


    Sugar Dirt


    The 58th along with many other squadrons attack Planet Demios with plans to capture it, but when they Chigs are ready, Earth forces get more then what they bargained for. Facing heavy losses, the brass are about ready to give up when word come that a window has opened for an major advancement. It could take years off the war and save millions of live, but they would have to abandon all the soldiers on Demios, including the 58th. They decide proceed and leave the Wildcards to face their darkest days of the war.

    Writer: Matt Kiene and Joe Reinkemeyer

    Director: Thomas J Wright

    Guest Cast:
    Josh AbramsonasLt Nelson
    Jennifer BalgobinasLt Rice
    Nancy Linehan CharlesasAdmiral Vetter
    David CooleyasLt Feeley
    Bill KalmensonasComm. Preising
    James Kiriyama-LemasGeneral Ming
    Mark Adair RiosasLt Smith
    Keith RosaryasLidar Operator
    Edmund ShaffasChaplain
    Tucker SmallwoodasCommodore Ross
    David St JamesasAdmiral Broden
    Iqbal ThebaasGeneral Siraj
    David Jean ThomasasGeneral Alcott
    Granville Van DusenasAdmiral
    Christopher VillaasMarine

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