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  • 13: Who Monitors the Birds
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    And If They Lay Us Down To Rest...

    (SE-123)- Part 1 of 2

    While on a recon. mission on the planet Anvil, the planet that be used to station a massive landing force as part of Operation Roundhammer. While on planet the 58th run into an unknown alien. After pursuing it through the jungle like environment, they find it hiding in a cavern full of unborn aliens. Knowing that Earths forces will most likely destroy this alien and the cavern of itís young, they must choose how to deal with this alien.

    Writer: Glen Morgan and James Wong

    Director: Vern Gillum

    Guest Cast:
    Robert CrowasCommunications Officer
    Derek Mark LochranasChig
    Don PugsleyasColonel Rabborn
    Tucker SmallwoodasCommodore Ross

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