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    [McQueen and Cmdr Ross Image]

    Tell Our Moms We Done Our Best

    (SE-124)- Part 2 of 2

    As the Chigs have suddenly agreed to peace negotiations, a cease fire is called and the 58th are faced with the possibility that the war could be over. Hawkes sentence would be up, West might get Kylen back, and the 58th could be disband. But as tension rises in the peace talks and the secrets of the war surface, the Wildcards might still have to shuffle up and play one more hand.

    Writer: Glen Morgan and James Wong

    Director: Thomas J Wright

    Guest Cast:
    Richard FancyasE Allen Wayne
    Chris EllisasAdmiral Stenner
    Amanda DougeasKylen Celina
    Harriet Sansom HarrisasDiane Hayden
    Colonel RabbornasDon Pugsley
    Commodore RossasTucker Smallwood
    Derek Mark LochranasChig Envoy
    J Patrick McCormackasFrank Shaffner
    David Jean ThomasasGeneral Alcott
    Robert CrowasLt Pruitt
    Elliot WoodsasWeapons Specialist
    Steve MonroeasEngineer
    Marlon Chopper YoungasSentry #1
    Lisa TalericoasSgt Parker
    Amy LoubaluasSentry #2
    Reggie HayesasWallace
    Tom AyersasGerman Colonist
    Christopher BoyerasColonist
    Lawrence T WrentzasSims
    Nilla WesterlundasReporter

    West and Cooper

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